Message From Dr.Ganapathy

It was just 12 years ago, that the concept of delivering health care remotely, using Information and Communication Technology, was thought of in India. It was no accident, that the world’s first VSAT enabled village hospital was Apollo Hospital Aragonda in Andhra Pradesh. There has been no looking back since it was formally commissioned  by  Bill Clinton the then president of the USA, on March 24th 2000.  Apollo Telemedicine Networking Foundation was born, with a clear mission of taking “modern health care to rural India using technology”.  The first decade was spent in popularising the concept, in evangelisation. Hundreds of  presentations were made throughout India and overseas and gradually an awareness was created. Today Apollo Hospitals  has about 105 telemedicine units  including 9 overseas. About 70,000 teleconsults have taken place so far in 25 different specialties. A number of articles have also been published. Recently a commercial arm ( Apollo Telehealth Services Ltd) has been launched with a very ambitious goal of establishing a thousand telemedicine centres. The new revamped website will reflect the activities of ATNF and ATHS .

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President ATNF Director ATHS

21st January 2012 


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